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Members are incredibly important to the American Society of Onconephrology. Your support allows us to continue working towards our mission of advancing the field of onconephrology while building a diverse community of medical professionals with the same goal.

Membership Bylaws

In addition to paying yearly dues, members must abide by the following:

  1. Members shall be researchers or clinicians who have demonstrated interest and expertise in onco-nephrology research and patient care. The membership should have a broad base both in regard to geographic distribution and to their type of basic discipline. 

  2. Membership in the Society will confer the right to bring as many guests as approved by the current Society President to any meeting of the Society. Guest: defined as a participant in the meetings by invitation of the President or any individual member as restricted above.

  3. Membership will consist of two classes. 

    1. Active- See section 4 and 5  

    2. Honorary. Such members may be elected to the Society in the same fashion as “active” members. Alternatively, a current member whose dues are current may be transitioned to honorary member status by vote during the business meeting. No attendance or presentation requirements are placed on these members, but honorary members may not hold office in the Society.

  4. Active members or someone from their research group are required to do at least one of the following:

    1. Submit an abstract in an onco-nephrology related topic at any major medical meeting (e.g., NKF, ASN, annual onco-nephrology conference) once every 3 years and demonstrate scholarly activity in the field of onco-nephrology once every 3 years (e.g., a review article, case report, and/or original article).

    2. Give a presentation at any meeting in an onco-nephrology topic (with the forum being the onco-nephrology society meeting, the onco-nephrology annual symposium, NKF, ASN) every 3 years, or be excluded from membership of the society. 

  5. Active members must attend the meeting at least one out of every three years. This meeting will take place the day prior to the annual onco-nephrology symposium.

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